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Awaken to your true self and potential. This program offers a safe environment to connect deeply with yourself and others using the alchemy of compassion, ancient stories and rituals, sound baths, and experiential exercises to facilitate transformative experiences. Together we will create a laboratory for the discovery of our individual “Harmony & Balance Within and Without” formula.

Discover how to: Face stressful situations with confidence and openness • Transform reactivity into wise action or inaction. • Reduce anxiety with practices to soothe and rebuild your nervous system • Experience the joy in vulnerability by meeting every situation as is it.

Walk away with an enhanced tool box of practices to continue to build the muscles of “Harmony & Balance Within and Without” on your own.

To secure your place in our Harmony & Balance Laboratory call 301-760-8798 or email

Space is limited to 8 participants.

Life is a process. Let’s enjoy the ride together.

Dates: Tuesday, June 4 – August 3, @ 7:30 – 9pm

Place: The Center for Family Well-Being, 5039 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite #7, Washington, DC

Cost: $720.00 payable $80.00 a session or in full.



MONDAY: 11:00 AM–12 Noon
5039 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 7
Washington DC 20008

The Four Cups
Adams Morgan Location (call for details)
Washington, DC 20008 

RSVP by calling or texting 301-760-8798.

"Sounds, as we know, are instruments for us to get to the Light, this mysterious understanding of Life, mentally indefinable, but known by the heart. .....In Chorale Singing (and Chanting) the healing influences are dynamized and increased with new tones every time participants and listeners are moved by high ideals. To participate in a work like this is an opportunity to serve, to collaborate in the energetic subtlization of the planet through means of pure praise.  Every time these chants are sung they bring about new perceptions and a new understanding; more elements are revealed. In the silence of the heart a universal language makes itself known and through the means of subtle vibrations of sound radiates itself." 
–Jose Trigueirinho and Group

These chants have come to us at this time to help our bodies, the planet, and the field of awareness during this high powered period of evolution. 

Join us to explore a deeper connection to the field of awareness through chanting. Come align your heart, mind, and body, with these beautiful sounds and vibrations.